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A Telly Award winning and an Emmy nominated video and broadcast Producer, Production Specialist and Social Media Guru whose expertise lies in all phases of production (writing, shooting, editing, coordination, production and post-supervision). A results driven leader who has worked with WQED Multimedia (PBS), NBC Pictures, Cornerstone Pictures, Center City Film and Video and Stage 3 Productions and has been a part of productions for the Food Network, TLC, Comcast, CNN Headline News, A&E Biography and PBS. With twenty-five years of production experience, possesses a keen audio and visual sense and a passion for all things creative. Known for transforming any production from ordinary to extraordinary. Recognized for being an expert in the craft with a strong reputation of putting clients and subjects at ease.

Writing ♦ Producing ♦ Post Production Management and Supervision ♦ Production Coordination ♦ Pre Production ♦ Editing ♦ Shooting ♦ Budgeting ♦ Negotiating ♦ Scheduling ♦ Social Media

• Seventeen years (17) years of expert production experience meeting tight deadlines with creative results
• Keen ability to conceive strategy, execute production plans and deliver successful media results
• Expert at navigating production process and networking production teams
• Ability to effectively manage all aspects of production including researching, scripting, casting, production, post production and promotion
• Vision driven leadership; proven team leader focused on motivation and morale
• Twenty-five (25) years of overall commercial broadcast and video production experience
• Strong negotiation skills with external vendors delivering productions on time and under budget
• Instrumental in developing innovative marketing strategies while utilizing production processes to achieve effective promotion

This video was created for The Allegheny County Department of Human Services as part of their social media campaign to try to reach homeless youth.  I wrote and produced this video.

This video was created for The Allegheny County Department of Human Services as part of their Foster Goodness Campaign in hopes of inspiring people to step up as foster families of older youth.  I produced, shot and edited this video.

This is George and these are his thoughts.

 Foster Goodness: It’s the Little Things That Matter

This video was created for The Allegheny County Department of Human Services as part of their Foster Goodness Campaign in hopes of inspiring people to step up as foster families of older youth. I produced and edited this video.

This is Shaqjuan and these are his thoughts.

 Foster Goodness: We’re Just People - An LGBTQ Perspective

This video was created for The Allegheny County Department of Human Services as part of their Foster Goodness Campaign in hopes of inspiring people to step up as foster families of older youth. I produced and edited this video.

This is Martin's story.

Foster Goodness: The Real Super Heroes

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Video Production Manager (Executive Producer, Writer, Shooter, Editor) 2015-present
Video Production Specialist (Producer, Writer, Shooter, Editor) 2013-2015
Allegheny County Department of Human Services (Pittsburgh, PA)
(Contracted by Great Lakes Behavioral Research Institute)
This is a professional position of a specialized nature in the Office of Community Relations (OCR), Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS). The Video Production Manager, as a member of the communications unit, focuses on strategic internal/external informational and instructional (including training) efforts employing video technology. The Video Production Manager works closely with other management areas within the Office of Community Relations, especially with those focused on traditional and web communications and with all other offices so as to develop and forward a Department-wide agenda of employing video technology to train staff and allied partners and educate client/consumers about new DHS methodologies; inform and educate stakeholders including the general public about the Department, its programs and services, research findings and new initiatives and showcases the Department and its achievements.
  • Produce, Write, Shoot, Direct, Edit and Design Educational / Training and Promotional Videos
  • Manage All Video Projects and Productions from Inception to Final Deliverable
  • Direct Graphic Designers and External Camera Crews
  • Supervise Video Production Department: Internal Staff and External Vendors
  • Track and Manage All Media Assets and Elements / Track and Maintain Budget and Expenses
  • Collaborate with Internal and External Stakeholders
  • Designed Production and Post-Production Suite
  • Perform Production Crew Duties to Include Camera Placement and Movement, Lighting, and Microphones
  • Conduct Extensive Pre-Interviews with Clients, Consumers, and Administration
  • Thoroughly Research Subject Matters

Producer / Writer 2010-2013
WQED Multimedia (PBS Pittsburgh, PA)
(Associate Producer, Local & National On-Air Fundraising & Production)
The Associate Producer of On-Air Fundraising plays an integral role in planning strategies/tasks to meet budgeted
revenue goals in the WQED On-Air Fundraising program. The Associate Producer assists the Senior Director of On-Air
Fundraising with production activities associated with on-air pledge drives for television, radio and the vehicle
donation program.
  • Write, Produce and Edit Pre-Taped Television / Web Videos, Promos, PSA¡¦s and Roll-ins
  • Produce Live TV and FM Pledge Drives and Fundraising Campaigns
  • Direct Editors, Graphic Designers, Audio Designers and Crew
  • Organize Pre-Production and Crew for Live and Taped Field and Studio Productions
  • Create and Maintain Budgets and Production Schedules
  • Negotiate with Equipment Vendors, Freelance Crew, Catering, Hotels and Flights
  • Schedule On Air Fundraising Programs and Deliver to Programming
  • Lead Multi-platform Fundraising Campaigns (Web, TV, FM, Print, Social Media)
  • Utilize Social Media and Integrate Web to Promote Programs and Events and to Engage / Interact
  • with the Community and Stakeholders
  • Supervise, Train and Manage 30 Paid Phone Operators
  • Production Coordinator / Operations 2009-2010
  • Producer¡¦s Management Television (PMTV) (King of Prussia, PA)
  • Organize Pre Production / Crew for Live Television Productions and Remote Mobile Unit Events
  • Create, Track and Maintain Budgets during Pre-Production and Post-Production
  • Negotiate with Equipment Vendors, Crew, Catering, Hotels, Flights
  • Create Work Orders / Production Books, Credentials, In/Out and Call Sheets

Producer / Writer / Shooter/ Editor 1992-2010
Freelance Production Work for Various Companies
Commercials, Documentaries, and Television Series
Highlights of Production Companies
GH Video Communications                               Bala Cynwyd, PA
Out of the Blue Productions                               Wynnewood, PA
A&E Biography / Center City Film and Video     Philadelphia, PA
Nutrisystem, Center City Film and Video           Philadelphia, PA
Comcast / Stage 3 Productions                            Philadelphia, PA
TLC / Stage 3 Productions                                  Philadelphia, PA
The Food Network / Kelly Ryan Productions     Philadelphia, PA
Cornerstone Productions                                     Haverford, PA
  • Produced Over 95 Feature Segments of National Cable Television Series
  • Supervised Post Production of Over 500 Daily Five Minute and Weekly Half Hour Shows on three Television Networks Directed Editors, Crew, Graphic Designers, Audio Designers and Staff
  • Researched, Wrote Scripts, Organized and Oversaw Production
  • Managed / Location Scout, Script Supervision and Shoot Extraneous B-Roll
  • Gathered Supporting Footage, Stills and Music
  • Negotiated with Stock Footage, Still and Music Houses to have assets donated
  • Logged and Transcribed Footage
  • Manage Talent and Guests from Inception Through Post Production
  • Generate Post Production Cost Reports, Budgets and Purchase Orders
  • Created and Maintained Guest and Tape Database
  • Managed Elements and Assets of All Programs


This video was created as an experiment for the Pepsi Refresh Project.  

The following video was created for the Allegheny County Department of Human Services as an educational video for their consumers and providers about a new process called Conferencing and Teaming.

The following three spots were created for WQED as fundraising campaigns.  Check them out!

Where Do You See Yourself? (Emmy Nominated):

Do Your Part Spot:

Vehicle Donation Spot:


The Marriage Project is a documentary that peeks into the lives of real people who wish to have marriage equality and examines the history of same sex marriage in the United States.

The goal of The Marriage Project, a documentary produced by McFeely Productions, LLC is to examine Marriage Equality in the United States.

Told from personal perspectives, we are painting a picture of what rights are denied same sex couples, how those couples are affected and what it means in the cases of death and divorce. Our ultimate goal is to tell a compelling story that inspires change in the realm of marriage equality.

Click here for more information about this project.

Cookie Monster Spots

I had the great opportunity of writing the following two spots for Sesame Street and WQED.  Check them out!

Cookie Monster Spot

Cookie Monster Spot: W-Cookie-D